5 Best Alternatives To Gmail To Protect Your Privacy

While Gmail is the go-to email service for many due to its user-friendly interface, the way it deals with user privacy is concerning. As the role of Google grows, more and more email users are starting to look for alternatives.

We will be sharing the top emailing platforms that you can use instead of Gmail in this article. Let’s now see what Gmail is not so great at and which other emailing platforms you could use instead. For more Best alternatives you can check out Venostech

Gmail privacy concerns: Why you should use a more secure email option

Gmail is the most popular email service in the world due to its ease-of-use and integrations. When it comes to privacy, Gmail users suffer.

Gmail users have been subject to privacy violations at various times. The Wall Street Journal published an article in 2018 proving that Gmail users were not being targeted by ads. This was one year after Google announced it would no longer scan user email for data.

According the Wall Street Journal Hundreds of third-party app developers were granted access to users’ inboxes to scan and share their data.

Third-party apps began offering travel suggestions and price comparisons by scanning Gmail users’ email inboxes. Google didn’t comment immediately on the matter, and this case showed how vulnerable email accounts such as Gmail are to being compromised . Every Internet user should consider looking for an alternative email provider.

Here are some of the top reasons to choose a secure email service, aside from privacy concerns.

Gmail has a limit of 10GB storage
It does not have an end-to-end encryption for emails
It is based in the US
It does not offer anonymous sign up or payment options
Gmail alternatives that keep your emails private:

Alternative email services are available to protect your most sensitive information. You should ensure that your Gmail alternative offers at least one of these:

End-to-end encryption
Option for anonymous payments
Privacy-friendly jurisdiction
Open source code.
Sign up without revealing any personal information.
There are no ads
Businesses can have custom domains.
Below is a list of top alternatives to Gmail.

1. ProtonMail – best email for encrypted communication

ProtonMail is a 2013-founded company. It is today one of the most popular Gmail alternatives. It hosts its servers in Switzerland so user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

The privacy-friendly location is not the only benefit. However, the service offers end-to–end encryption to ensure that your emails are secure. You can also send secure emails to users using other providers, as it works across platforms.

It is important to note that all new users receive 500 MB free storage. If additional storage space is required, they can choose one of three Premium plans. You can increase your storage to 20 GB, and you can use custom domains.

ProtonMail is also modern and simple to use. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking for user-friendliness. You can also import important data from your Gmail accounts.

2. Zoho Mail is the best, most user-friendly email service

ZohoMail was created with a emphasis on businesses. However, it also offers its services for individuals. Their password manager is something you might have heard of, but they also provide a secure email service.

The mailbox is equipped with S/MIME encryption support, but it can also use SSL or TLS. Two-factor authentication can be added via Touch ID, TOTP’s or any other means to increase mailbox security. They also have apps that integrate calendars and notes on most platforms.

24/7 customer service is available to assist you with any issues related to Zoho Mail. You can take advantage of top-quality security and privacy features as well as a 99.9% uptime when you sign up for this email service.

This Gmail alternative will give you 1TB storage. This is more than most Gmail alternatives.

3. StartMail – The best user-friendly email system

SmartMail is very similar to Gmail. If you are concerned about privacy, SmartMail offers a polished user interface with full PGP Integration. You can private communicate with other users who also use PGP.

It is not an end-to-end encryption system, since it is only implemented server-side. It should be sufficient for most uses. To increase your account’s security, you can add two factor authentication.

It also includes integrated burner email. You can use these emails to create an account online if you are concerned about spam. This can be used for online shops as well.

Gmail has no mobile apps, which is the main drawback. It supports IMAP and SMTP. These will allow you to retrieve email via Apple Mail or Outlook.

The 30-day trial is available to you. It comes with 5 emails per day and 10GB encrypted cloud storage.

4. Tutanota is the best email to keep your privacy in mind

Tutanota has a long history of being the first email provider to offer end-to–end encryption. It was established in Germany in 2011. Today, it has millions of users around the world.

Its popularity stems from the fact that its software is open-source. Anyone can view its source code on GitHub. This transparency is a huge benefit and makes the service reliable.

Tutanota’s business model is based on only user donations and Premium Subscriptions. The company does not make money from advertisements.

International journalists and activists who deal with sensitive information and fight for privacy love it. Tutanota offers a business plan to help NGOs and other organizations maintain secure and private internal communications.

Users get 1GB storage when they receive their Tutanota emails. However, email compression increases the storage to 10GB.

5. GMX – The largest Gmail competitor

Global Mail Exchange (GMX), a German-based Gmail alternative, is a reliable option. It was established in 1997 and offers high-quality, time-tested services.

It uses TLS/SSL encryption to protect your email while it’s in transit. Your emails will not be scanned for keywords later on, unlike Gmail.

Users can also get a free calendar and spam filter. GMX is a strong competitor to Gmail, with over 11 million users.

After creating a GMX account users have 65 GB storage space in one account. You can create an additional GMX account if you require more storage space. You can also send email attachments up to 50 MB if you are using a Gmail account.



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