How to use 10 powerful crystals:

1. Citrine is the key to happiness

Citrine Crystal for Health & Happiness

Citrine is a stone of happiness. “Holding one serves to remind you to be truly mindful and appreciate the present moment,” Crystal expert Heather Askinosie wrote previously for mbg.

It is a powerful manifestation stone that encourages us to pursue our dreams, be positive, and live with gratitude. It is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and can be used during Breathing.

How to use it

Yulia van Doren, goldilocks suggests this visualization for citrine.

  1. You can find a quiet spot to place your feet and then kick off your shoes.
  2. Place a piece or a piece of citrine on your navel and hold it in your hands. Now, imagine the goal you are working towards. Imagine that goal as a clear balloon. Let it hang a few steps in front of your face.
  3. Imagine bright, glowing flames emerging from your citrine crystal. They flicker upward and outward, changing the color of the balloon slowly from a clear, vibrant orange to a golden, fiery yellow.
  4. Simply blow the balloon with a single puff to take you to the land of dreams and where everything is done on time.
  5. When you are done, thank your crystal. Your gratitude helps to unplug your energy from the crystal. This is an important last step.

It’s where it comes from:

Citrine, a type of quartz, has roots all around the globe. The majority of commercial citrine is mined in Brazil and Uruguay. However, it has been discovered in the mountains and other parts of Russia.

2. For abundance: Malachite

Malachite, a beautiful emerald-hued gemstone that can give you strength and courage to overcome any doubts or fears regarding money. This stone reminds us that our biggest obstacle to abundance is often ourselves. However, it can help us remember that we are worthy of abundance and have the power to achieve it.

How to use it

Askinosie suggests placing a malachite rock over your heart to help you summon the courage you need to live the life that you desire. Ask yourself: What is my heart’s desire? What is my passion? What can I do to align my passion and my financial goals? Malachite can help you make the right decisions.

It’s where it comes from:

Malachite, a copper carbonate-hydroxide mineral, can be found all over the world, especially in Russia’s Urals region. It has been discovered in Australia, Mexico, Gabon, and Zambia.

3. For clarity: Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystals for Health & Happiness

Clear quartz is a popular stone that you can find online and in stores. Askinosie claims it’s loved for a reason.

It has been revered for its ability to balance the body, clear the mind and is a versatile stone that can be used in a wide range of situations. She adds that this stone is great to get started in crystal healing if you are a complete beginner.

How to use it

Askinosie suggests that you hold the quartz in your left, feminine, receiving, hand. Identify one thing you can do to get closer to your financial goals.

Let the quartz guide you from here. What are the steps required to achieve your goals? Clear quartz can help you create an actionable plan that is both achievable.

It’s where it comes from:

Quartz, a crystalline mineral, can be found in all parts of the world, just like citrine. Clear quartz is a crystalline mineral that you can find today in many places, including the Alps and Brazil, Japan, and Madagascar. However, it’s not unusual to find it in the United States, Hot Springs, Arkansas, and upstate New York.

4. Rose Quartz is the perfect gift for love.

Rose Quartz for Health & Happiness

rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love, is everyone’s favorite when you talk about romance. It is associated with, the heart chakra. It encourages us all to forgive and remember our mistakes.

This crystal is great for supporting and nurturing your ability to love and accept the love of others.

How to use it

Askinosie offers a simple ritual for the heart chakra.

  1. Place your rose quartz over your heart.
  2. Six deep breathes are enough to bring you, love.
  3. Imagine the stone radiating love through your heart as you breathe.
  4. A rose quartz necklace can be worn to radiate love and all-day energy.

It’s where it comes from:

Rose quartz is a pink and coarse-grained type of quartz that can be found all over the globe. Rose quartz is mainly found in Brazil, India, South Africa, and Madagascar. However, it has also been mined in Namibia and Mozambique.

5. For clearing negativity: Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline for Health & Happiness

If you feel like there is stagnant negativity, black tourmaline can be a great choice. This crystal is great for clearing negative energy and creating positive spaces, no matter if it’s in your home or at work. It is also thought to be a powerful protection stone, with the ability to ground any space.

How to use it

It’s easy to use black tourmaline to clear negativity. Place it near your front door. If you have more than one, spread them around your home. If you feel there is negativity in your home, you can take it to work. It can be kept on your desk to provide extra protection and positive energy.

It’s where it comes from:

Black tourmaline, a crystalline mineral that is mined primarily from Brazil, but also in many other parts of Africa such as Nigeria and Tanzania, Mozambique. It is also found in Asia, including India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

6. Moonstone is for emotional support

Moonstone has been known to balance emotions, improve focus and correspond with the cycles of life. It is a supportive crystal overall. It is believed to increase spiritual curiosity, compassion, acceptance, surrender, patience, and connection to the divine female.

Leavy says that Moonstone encourages people to embrace their wild side and follow their passions.

How to use it

Leavy says, “Hold a piece of moonstone over your root chakra and breathe deeply. The stone and the center will glow bright red.”

“All energy that is not in your best interest should be drawn out of the chakra center, moving down your legs and into the earth through your soles. Continue this process, imagining the color orange. Continue this process, visualizing yellow at the solar plexus chakra and light blue at your throat chakra, third-eye chakra, crown chakra, and indigo at your throat chakra. To complete the practice, take three deep, cleansing inhalations.

It’s where it comes from:

Moonstone, also known as hectolitre or hectolitre is a member of the feldspar mineral group. It can be found everywhere in the world, from the U.S., Australia, Madagascar, the Austrian Alps, and many other places.

7. Black Obsidian is the best grounding material

Image by micro gen/isophote

Black obsidian can be a great choice for anyone who needs to ground themselves. It can help you see the big picture and keep you hopeful. It can help you feel more present and centered.

How to use it

Keep your black obsidian handy, so it is easy to reach, such as in your purse or pocket, on any day you feel emotionally unstable or otherwise unbalanced. You can keep one in your car in case you get upset by traffic or become prone to road rage.

It’s where it comes from:

Leavy notes that black obsidian is usually found in Central America. It’s often from Mexico or Guatemala where there is a lot of volcanic activity. It can also be found in South America in countries like Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador as well as up north in Canada, the United States, and Guatemala.

8. For protection: Shungite

Shungite Crystals

Karen Frazier, author of Crystals for Healing, notes that shungite can be extremely grounding and protects you from electromagnetic frequencies. Leavy says that shungite can help you integrate cosmic wisdom and karmic lessons. “Its high vibration helps to bring down your spiritual body into the physical plane.”

How to use it

Leavy suggests wearing a piece of shungite jewelry to help you stay focused. If you feel overwhelmed, focus your attention on the area where the stone is touching your body. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply. For four counts, breathe in, hold it for four and then exhale. Deep, rhythmic breathing can bring you back into your center and help to create stillness in the mind.

It’s where it comes from:

The largest and most ancient source of shungite is found in Northwest Russia, but there are other deposits in India, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, and the Congo.

9. Black Jade is a great tool for tapping into your intuition

Black jade may be a good choice if you want to improve your intuition and connect with your highest self.

It can help you avoid negative people and situations.

How to use it

Black jade is an excellent crystal to have around for when you feel you may need it. It is great to have on hand for traveling, new experiences, meeting new people, and any other occasions you need extra clarity and intuition.

It’s where it comes from:

Two types of black jade are nephrite or jadeite. This rare mineral sometimes called black jadeite or nephrite jadeite is mostly found in Burma and Guatemala. The most common form of black jade is called black nephrite or nephrite. It can be found along the West Coast of the United States.

10. Carnelian is a great resource for creativity

Carnelian is a stone that could help you get out of a creative slump. It can be used for removing blocks that cause us to feel stuck, burned out, or uninspiring. Because sexual energy is linked to the sacral chakra, carnelian can also be used to increase sexual energy.

How to use it

Gazing at the beautiful orange color of carnelian can spark passion, motivation, creativity, and joy. To give your manifestations an extra boost, you can place them on the vision board.

It’s where it comes from:

The majority of commercial carnelian that you can buy today comes from India. However, it has been found around the globe. There have been deposits in Brazil, Egypt, Uruguay, Washington State, the U.S.

How to care for your crystals.

It doesn’t matter if you are just buying a crystal or have been using it for a while, it is always a good idea to keep them clean and clear. There are many methods to achieve this, so make sure you check our complete guide to crystal cleaning or charging.

Some crystals can be washed with water. Others cannot, depending on their porosity. It is best to verify specific guidelines stone-by-stone.

You should also store them in a place that won’t be damaged. This is especially important if you have sharp edges that could easily come off. When not in use, wrap them in a piece of fabric or a soft pouch. If you have them displayed on an altar or other part of your home, make sure you clean them every once in a while.

The bottom line.

It’s easy to integrate crystals into your daily life once you understand the basics of your collection. You may find yourself in need of confidence one day, so you reach for your carnelian. You might need to feel grounded the next time, so reach for your obsidian. One thing is certain: There will always be a crystal to support you no matter what your goal. learn more about healing crystals!

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