Hey there.

Nice to meet you, my name is Matt and i’ll be your developer for today. I wasn’t always this way, infact, I was a baby once upon a time, that time being 5:05am on the 28th of September back in 1991. (If you find a time machine, you’re more than welcome to visit)

I’m originally from a place called Rotherham, up in the northern realms of England, but these days I live¬†slightly¬†further south in Bournemouth, England.

It’s here in Bournemouth that I get involved in my studies and can’t wait to get involved with exciting new projects


  • Web Design
    • XHTML
    • HTML5
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
  • Animation
    • Flash CS5.5
    • Actionscript
  • Software Development
    • Basic Objective-C


  • Maltby Academy

The place where I grew up and tried to get my head into every technology related subject that was available

  • Maltby Sixth Form

Feeling much more orientated, I moved onto A levels where I studied Media, IT and Economics.

  • Bournemouth University

I am currently partaking in the study of Interactive Media Production where I am learning to create websites, animate, make games and get imaginative with all sorts of exciting new technologies