Abuse of Steroids in Sports

Steroid usage in sports is said to be widespread at all levels. While professional sports organizations test athletes on a regular basis and make the results public, injectable steroids for sale in the usa misuse is also on the rise among children. The usage of anabolic steroids at this level is prohibited, thus it goes unnoticed. The impact of steroids on sports may be more widespread than we realize.

Steroids, particularly testosterone, have long been used in sports to boost performance. Athletes’ attempts to improve their performance with testosterone were documented as early as 776 BC. Those athletes, like today’s athletes, were battling for prestige and money rather than honor.

Anabolic steroids are said to improve performance, speed up muscular development, and aid recovery from over-exertion. Few studies of the long-term effects of steroid misuse have been undertaken because they are illegal. Steroids, on the other hand, are known to have the following negative effects:

– infertility in men: large breasts, balding, shrunken testicles

– For women, this means a deeper voice, more body hair, and baldness.

– for acne, liver disorders, aggressiveness, depression, and cardiovascular issues

Using anabolic steroids is similar to playing Russian Roulette in that you don’t know what you’ll get until it’s too late.

So why would anyone take the chance? In sports, the urge to compete and win begins early. At Little League games, there are no parents on the bleachers encouraging their children to lose! This pressure is amplified in high school, when exceptional grades can lead to acceptance into college and, eventually, professional positions. Parents, as well as school coaches and teachers, encourage their children to excel for the same reasons, which leads to steroid misuse. Peer pressure in terms of looks is also a factor to consider. Successful, wealthy, ‘cool’ people flaunt muscular physiques that young people lust after, whether they are sports stars or rap singers. Bigger is better when it comes to muscles. Muscles, in the view of the majority of adolescent boys, also get the girls running.

When athletes reach the professional level, the pressure they are under now pales in comparison to what they will face in the future. They have to answer to millions of supporters who are ready to dump them if they make even the tiniest mistake on the pitch. Because of the internet, news spreads quickly, and athletes are exposed to unhappy fans through social media. Individual athletes and teams are also put under pressure by sponsors. They don’t want their logo on the losing team’s jersey. Sponsorship is essential for a team or person to practice with the greatest equipment, travel as needed, and earn money while doing so. Athletes can make a lot of money from sponsorship outside of sports, but no one pays the loser to drink their soda. The amount of money paid in professional sports might add to the pressure to perform. As absurd as it may seem to most of us, most high-earners are also living up to their credit card limits – they may be able to pay it off faster than we are, but they are spending their money just as quickly. Not only do they need to maintain that level of cash, but they also need to maintain their appearances and act like the successful celebrities they are, which leads to steroid misuse.

The pressure to succeed is enormous, and when natural techniques fail, players turn to steroids to stay at the top of their game. Every other professional athlete is affected by steroid misuse. Excellent performance is no longer praised; instead, it is questioned and viewed with distrust. Athletes who constantly exceed their peers are no longer praised for their ability, talent, or accomplishments. Because of the acts of a few players, the glory of winning has been tainted.

The entire basis of sports and sportsmanship is fair play, and the use of steroids in sports undermines this concept. Athletes that use steroids have an impact on their teammates, whether they are on the same team or not. It’s essentially cheating, as it gives users an unfair – and illegal – advantage over competitors who rely on hard work and determination to win. If detected, they will almost probably be barred from participating in the sport, if not outright banned. This has an impact on the team they are a part of. It has a significant impact on their families, as they are now effectively unemployed – and hence unemployed in any sport-related position.

It’s ‘easier’ to take steroids and achieve the top of your sport in 6 months than it is to train naturally and potentially never reach the top. Taking steroids could be a symptom of our society’s ‘convenience’ sickness. Everything, including TV dinners, is oriented toward achieving faster outcomes with less work. Most people would turn their backs on a steroid abuser when they consider the fall from grace, the side effects of steroids, the shame and disgrace, the betrayal of teammates and other competitors, and the lifetime stigma that a steroid abuser carries. The pressure to be the best, and to stay the greatest, is something that only a few of us have to deal with. Is it truly worthwhile?

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