Great 3D Printed PS4 Accessories That You Can’t Buy, But Only Print

Your play station 4 deserves just a bit of love, why don’t you reveal it that you just take care of accessories and some 3 d PS 4 mods?

Can it be a stylish 3d-printed are a symbol of the DualShock 4 controller, or even an all-purpose cooling rack USB charging pier — in the event that you are able to consider an easy method to generate console gaming just a little better or smoother, the odds are somebody else has ever been there and made.

After journeying throughout famous brands MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse, we provide a group of use DIY PS 4 accessories to improve your gaming life.

In other words, here is a listing of PS 4 accessories that are useful it’s possible to 3 d publish in your home. In case you never have a 3D printer, then panic not! If something on the list tickle your fancy, then you could upload it into ALL3DP’s Best Cost 3D Printing Service and also have it printed out of quite a few neat-o materials.

And needless to say, when you have a play station 4, then exactly what exactly are you waiting for?

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

PS-4 Remote Stand

What’s that? A 3 d printable rack will enable one to maintain your own DualShock 4 wireless control from becoming lost.

Ideas: As any play-station 4 user knows, some times those pesky gaming controls figure out how to have lost at the most hopeless places. After you are done gambling, if you publish this Remote Stand, then you’ll also have this PS-4 attachment.

Created by: João Duarte

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

PS-4 Controller Stand – God Of War

What’s that? This God of War-themed rack will hold your PS-4 controls or possibly a 3 d printable”Blades Of Chaos” (that will be comprised with all the 3D version ). The rack also has the match logo, paying homage for the remastered edition of God of War to get PS-4.

Ideas: Seeking to help keep the epic power of Kratos on your side in any way times? This 3d-printed rack is going to continue to keep you safe under those gods’ eye. This PS-4 accessory may additionally help fill your cravings to your own brand new God of War which may turn out a year ago.

Created by: Juan José García González

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

Destiny PS-4 Stand

What’s that? Another DualShock 4 PS-4 control, yet this time around themed after the hot first person shooter Destiny. The gambling logo is included by this PS 4 attachment.

Ideas: Aesthetically speaking, that really can be a very wonderful stand, especially when the logo is published at another color from the others of the standalone. This component also has.

Created by: Martin Moore

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

PS-4 Headset Holder

What’s that? A 3 d printable PS-4 headset rack which will be mounted on a walls. The plan comprises the PlayStation logo, which makes it look more official than accessories you’re ready to produce with only a 3D printer.

Ideas: In case you are seeking to hold your play station Headset after a very long nights internet gaming, this headphone is what you have been waiting.

Created by: Kris Coomans

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

Double Play-station Move Stick for VR

What’s that? A streamlined PS-4 attachment Mean propping Play-station Move Motion Controllers if not in use.

Ideas: This design goes the additional mile with play-station branding onto the front and sides. A few comments on Thingiverse callout for an alteration to enable charging the controls. That PS 4 attachment is a pared-back rack which really does that as it sounds. Stand.

Created by: Rene Siekmann

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

PS-4 DualShock Lock

What’s that? Can be the child spending too long on the play station and maybe never enough on assignments? You may possibly discover that this thumbstick lock disabling DualShock 4 mega mods controls helpful.

Ideas: Potential the very wicked thing we’ve struck on Thingiverse now, you can not deny this, to some person, this really can be amongst many most useful PS-4 mods on the market. A straightforward print — also you’ve left a control futile and set it and only hook it.

Created by: Juan Antonio Siles Sanchez

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

What’s that? This PS 4 attachment is really actually just a desk rack for your own play station VR headset.

Ideas: There is no denying that the play station VR Bundle has been a whole good deal of fun, however, it may be an awfully cluttered to call home with. Cables anyplace, and also the headset doesn’t lie in virtually any order. The choice to prop it is really just actually an item.

Created by: hachi roku

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Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

PS-4 Game-Pad Smart Clip (such as Samsung-galaxy S 4 Mini)

What’s that? A clip for mounting your Samsung-galaxy S 4 Mini Smart-phone to some DualShock 4 control.

Ideas: Though this particular design is for just a smartphone, founder FuBama supports re-mixing it to accommodate your device. PS-4 mods in this way, an simple to publish structure may allow you to choose your play station control on the road as being a control for matches.

Created by: Jakub Maksymilian Fober

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

Play-station 4 Controller Charger

What’s that? Asymmetrical mean charging just two DualShock 4 controls. Not only can this PS-4 attachment retain your controls it is also going to keep them fully charged all the time.

Ideas: With distance that you nourish the console controller charging wires through, this PS 4 accessory created by Thingiverse user Stephan Steindl is easy and effective.

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

PS-4 Wall Mounting Bracket

What’s that? A slim-line couple of mounts that enable one to mount your play-station 4 fold into the wallsocket.

Ideas: searching to get PS-4 accessories to clean table and floor distance in clutter? The wall bracket can be actually really just a fantastic alternative, in to nothingness with the games console just floating on the walls, blending.

Created with: RchGrav

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

DualShock 4 Huge Stand

What’s that? This PS 4 attachment is a rack for all multiple DualShock 4 controls.

Thoughts: A fantastic addition into the Area of PS-4 accessories. User giufini has implemented a few design knowhow to mimic the curves of the legendary DualShock controller of PlayStation. The outcome is really just a stand ideal.

Created by: Giuseppe Finizia

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

Play-station 4 Vertical Stand

What’s that? A twopiece rack to prop your play station 4.

Ideas: Certainly one of a couple of PS 4 accessories within this list to offer greater airflow into the console’s cooling system fans. As opposed to kicking to keep things cool, the buffs of the console must stay nimble silent. The style resembles something Sony will release on its own official accessories roster and is still really on point.

Created with: markers

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

Play-station 4 Controller Wall Hook Mount

What’s that? Wall bracket for a single DualShock 4 control.

Ideas: Gifting the capacity to mount up your own DualShock 4 control into the wall, that this de-cluttering coat-hook-style bracket is straightforward, however a highly effective PS 4 attachment. Together using drilling the holes to mount being the dirty job, design means easy meeting.

Created by: Matthew Stroud

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

Play-station 4 – Blu-ray Wall Rack/Hanger

What’s that? A-Wall mount/stand for the blu-ray DVDs and play station 4 match cases.

Ideas: easy, operational, and just like most of smartly built PS 4 accessories, so you won’t actually notice it’s there. There is nothing to say.

Created by: alejandro triana

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

Play-station 4 Controller Stand

What’s that? A freestanding perch to get one DualShock 4 control.

Ideas: A tidy and refined design free of intricate geometry create this type of charmer on earth of PS-4 accessories, also can be quite a simple printing.

Created by: Luke Boswell

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

What’s that? 2 thumbstick extension covers for the DualShock4 controller.

Ideas: A few PS-4 mods enable one to upgrade and tweak your own Dualshock controls. The advantages of expanding your thumbstick for this particular specific 3 d PS 4 mods that are printable can be found.

Created by: icecryptex

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

What’s that? A bracket to Install a Play-station Vita for a DualShock 4 control.

Ideas: Among hardly any PS-4 mods on the market to use a distinct segment, yet amazing characteristic of the play station 4 games console, Thingiverse user MakingZone’s PS Vita bracket lets one to conveniently make utilize of the DualShock 4 controller, in the place of this Vita’s scaled button layout.

Created with: Fred

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

Play-station 4 Wall-mount

What’s that? This PS 4 attachment is really just actually a wall bracket to the play station 4.

Ideas: a simple way for wall mounting that the play station 4, founder jameswood notes which the burden of this console needs to be encouraged by the primary shelf section of every and every part, as opposed to the tiny prongs that fasten it set up. This usually means no less mounting on walls.

Created by: James Wood

Download: Thingiverse

Best Techniques and Mods to 3 D Printing

Play-station 4 Ranked Mount

What’s that? A bracket to add your play station 4 into the bottom of shelving.

Ideas: This powerful design has to be printed twice — once on every side of this play station 4. Screw holes such as a fit and tons of spaces for venting make it successful among accessories.

Created by: jjsevier

Download: Thingiverse

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