Is a Fear of Haunted Houses an Phobia?

Is there a specific name for the fear of haunted homes? What is the difference between a fear and a phobia? How can phobias like this be managed?


There is no official phobia name for the fear of haunted houses. Some people have created names that resemble other phobias. You may also hear the term “hauntophobia” Although many people have this fear as a child, most people get over it in time. What happens if it doesn’t?

Fear vs. Phobia

Many of us feel frightened when we see a scary movie or go to a most extreme haunted houses in Ohio for Halloween. How can you tell if your fear is normal or a phobia?

Fear of haunted homes is not the same as a fear of haunted places. Fear of haunted houses is part of the fun. However, a specific phobia of haunted houses or any other object is a debilitating anxiety disorder that can disrupt one’s life and get worse over time if not treated.

Fears and phobias may have similar symptoms such as dizziness, heart palpitations, or nausea. These symptoms can be more severe than “normal” fears and are often associated with a preoccupation about the object or situation.

These are two things to consider when deciding if you fear haunted homes or not.

The severity: What is your level of fear? Do you fear going into a haunted home or driving by one? Do you feel nervous about being in your own home, or in a hotel or other person’s house at night? Or do you change your plans to avoid staying in the suspect’s home?
How much time do you spend worrying about your fear? Are you afraid of what you might think about each Halloween?

Types of Phobias

It is important to identify the most common phobias before you can determine if fear of haunted homes is a true phobia. There are three main types of phobias.

Social phobias: Social phobias fear certain social situations can be a problem.
Agoraphobia is A type of phobia where a person fears becoming trapped or unable to leave a situation. This can also be described as fear of leaving the house, as in panic disorder and agoraphobia.

Phobias specific: A specific phobia is one that causes an unreasonable fear of a particular object or situation. There are four types of specific phobias: fear of the natural environment (tornadoes), fear of animals (snakes), fear of blood (scarlet fever), and situational (fear of driving).
Is it a specific phobia or agoraphobia?

A fear of haunted homes could be either a specific phobia (fear of a particular object or situation) and agoraphobia (fear that you will not be able to escape to safety if you have a phobic reaction).


The treatment of a haunted house phobia is generally easier than other phobias. It’s easier to stay away from potentially haunted homes (at least most of the time) than to avoid thunderstorms.

The potential treatment for phobias of haunted homes may not seem daunting to someone who doesn’t have a fear of them. A phobia is an irrational fear. It doesn’t work to just say “don’t be afraid.” A good therapist can help a person to recognize their fear and overcome it.

Although there is no specific treatment for haunted-house phobias, there are some treatment options that may help. There are several treatments available for certain phobias, including:

Medications: There are manyThere are many medication options available for people suffering from phobias. However, medication is usually a second-line treatment. It is more common to treat social phobia than a fear of an object or situation. Take, for example, benzodiazepines can be used to treat panic attacks that may accompany severe phobias. However, it should not be used in excess.

Psychotherapy: Phobias can be treated with mental health therapy this could include cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, flooding, and counter-conditioning, an approach in which people are taught to react to the feared object or situation in a new way by practicing relaxation techniques. For youth suffering from phobias, even a single session of therapy can be beneficial.1Your therapist and the severity of your fear will determine which type of psychotherapy is used.

Alternative therapiesHypnosis and herbal supplements are not as well-studied as other methods, but they have been used by some people. Alternative therapies for phobic combining these treatments can be very helpful.

The Impact of Phobias

Although some people find certain phobias like haunted houses funny, they are not something to laugh at for those with these fears. A person can feel isolated and out of control due to specific phobias. One of the more difficult emotional aspects of phobias is that they are life-limiting in this way.

It is important that your loved ones and friends are aware of any phobias you may have. It is possible that your loved ones have told you to not be afraid. However, just because you are afraid of something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be afraid. You wouldn’t have a fear if that was the case.

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