Tier List for Warpath

This is the ultimate list of Warpath Tier List all units and officers of the game. Warpath currently has many units, each with a lot of troops. All new players may find it difficult to choose the best units out of this vast list. Officers are the same.

There are many officers. Each officer has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the type of units they must be assigned to. It is simply not possible to use a Tank officer for an Infantry army.

Warpath Unit Tier List

Light TankCamp Liberty. This tank is currently the fastest in Warpath in terms of movement, firing speed, and reload. Light Tank is currently only available for Camp Liberty.

Medium TankMartyrs’ Watch. When it takes damage during the battle, the Repair Skill can be used to self-heal the unit.
Tank HunterVanguard Division is home to the best Tank Hunters in the game. Tank Hunter is ideal for countering Heavy/Super

Heavy Tanks.

Super Heavy TankVanguard Division. They act as the meatshield and are used to attack/defend bases or soak damage from other units in open-field combats. At the moment, Super Heavy Tank is available only for Vanguard Division. It’s called Lion.
Infantry: The Infantry is performing well right now! It is best to use it in the early-midgame, especially when you are running a campaign. It’s becoming weaker due to the Artillery in the late game.

Warpath Officer Tier List

S Tier: War Machine, Eruptor, Winter Huntsman
A Tier: Guardian of Truth, Fox in the Highlands, Adjutant Percy
B Tier: Jack Spanner, Bloody Mary
C Tier: The White Wolf, Angel Of Light

What units are best for the Early and Mid Games?

The best unit, particularly for early game and battlefield fighting, is the one you should be using. Medium TankMartyrs Watch.

It is super fast, especially if you have the right parts!

It can do just about anything, including attacking bases. You can also quickly go back to your HP when you need it.

Focus on Anti-Tank and Howitzer after the Medium tank.

I recommend that you get anti-tank get it done as soon as you can! It’s going to be a great story once you have a 7-star Anti-tank!

Most players focus on Super Heavy Tank Super Heavy tanks and the others focus on all kinds of other tanks so Anti-Tank Gun at 7-star becomes really painful.

It can absorb damage and do anything you want in the middle game if it is at 120 levels or higher. It is very tanky and can not die easily. It will do a lot of damage and your base will be probably unkillable by a few players, even if they try to base-to-base you.

Anti-tanks is a great Warpath unit against the base-to-base strategy. They can also be used to attack tanks that have been soaking in damage in the front.

You still have time to kill any units if the defender attempts to attack them or snipe them. This unit is one of the most powerful because it deals a lot of damage and can demolish enemy bases in seconds.

I will recommend you to continue your work after that. Howitzer!

Both Liberty and Martyrs Watch Howitzers are great!

They are both very good at attacking and defending bases and you cannot take anything away from them.


You can play for free and spend very little. I recommend that you use the Medium Tank to fight in field battles. If you don’t enjoy doing field fights, the Anti-tank gun or Howitzer should be your first priority. The Medium Tank is next, and the Super

Heavy Tank is the fourth unit you will need.

Pay-to-win players: If you’re spending a lot on the game, Super Heavy should be your top priority. You can easily raise it to VIP 15 at 7.2 Stars. Then, you can focus on the other aspects of the game.

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How to use Warpath Tier List

This page contains a complete list of the top Warpath officers and units.

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Tier List Features

The Second World War is the backdrop for the game. It is based on actual events and geographically correct incidents.

An army is the foundation of a player’s army. This gives them access to many boons or powers. These include an expanding inventory of artillery and armor that can be used.

This game allows players to utilize their imaginations and develop strategies.

Players can form teams with other players from around the globe and can choose to represent any air or land troop mentioned in the true history of World War 2.

The game map allows players to place and use their armies wherever they are located.

Teams can form alliances and develop battle plans that will lead to the destruction of their opponents.

You can play the game for free right now. Players may be able to purchase in-app items that will give them more benefits while they play. As the game progresses, players can also choose to purchase more helpful tools.
What are the top Warpath officers & units?

Hone gaming skills: This will enable them to use their plans and campaigns in battles that have been well documented in history books. You can also assist in researching and upgrading your best units, and planning the eventual victory.

Practice Various Strategies: It is flexible and dynamic. Each aspect of the strategy can be controlled by a player. The top unit, on the other hand, can design a route to decide which strategies and combat styles are best for the game.

Get rewards-registration is possible for certain privileges. A special event was held in November 2020 that allowed players from all parts of the world to get together and share rewards.

Last words

What are you waiting for? This strategy-based game is fun and entertaining. After a successful beta, Warpath is finally available worldwide!

We hope you found great information in our Warpath Tier List.

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